,, What do I want to express with my work? Nothing but what every other artist is looking for: harmony that can be achieved by balancing the relationships of lines, colors and surfaces. But only in the clearest and most intense way. "

- Piet Mondrian


Zuzana focuses on the classical style, namely realism, which captures a detailed representation of the subject as it is. She creates illustrations, she draws and paint portraits, still lifes, landscapes and spiritual themes. Her artistic activities also include the creation of mandalas and the production of jewelry. Decorative art has always been a great inspiration for Zuzana and that is why she began to devote herself fully to it a few years ago. She also makes a homemade interior and exterior decoration and home items.

So whether it is a portrait of a unique person, a painting of a mysterious still life, a breathtaking landscape, or the creation of a magical mandala, it is always a specific and unique painting, which is painted according to the customer's desires.


All paintings are made on canvas or board with oil or tempera paints, which are then repainted with a protective varnish. The varnish serves to prevent fading and damage to the image.

Zuzana mainly uses wood to make mandalas, from which she can carve various shapes. She never makes mandalas from swatches, she works according to her imagination, which is why her mandalas are unique and original. They consist of various sizes, shapes and motifs.

She works with materials such as pencils, crayons, watercolors, oil paints, acrylic paints and tempera. Her favorite materials are acrylic and tempera paints.

Phone: +420 604 986 630

E-mail: zuzanadart@gmail.com