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Landscape painting is an art industry whose origins began in the 16th century in Holland.

Still life shows not living objects either of natural origin or made by humans. The right composition is the basis of every still life and consists of at least 3 subjects.

Mandala is a symbol in Indian religions symbolizing the universe used in rituals and meditations. In Western culture, it refers to various circular patterns that are used for relaxation, art therapy or meditation, and especially for understanding one's self.

Earrings were in the past an important indicator of the wearer's religious or tribal identity and also viewed as proof of wealth and status. They are a decoration that is typical for every woman.

Pendants are decorative items worn by women and men that can be in various shapes and symbols. They have a deeper meaning and are also viewed as amulets.

Decorative art combines ornament and functionality and is designed to decorate ceramics, glass, wood, textiles, metal and stone. It is also used in interior and exterior decoration, furniture and daily necessities.