The book of this very talented, hardworking and successful painter was a huge inspiration for me. Titian Vecellia, called Titian, was one of the great artists during his lifetime and influenced the form of Renaissance painting and the following styles. He was born in Pieva di Cadore in the Italian Dolomites and at the age of 9 his parents sent him to Venice, where he lived in the house of his uncle Antonia. Uncle Antonio soon discovered and supported his nephew's talent. Titian was interested in art and continued to improve until he was accepted into the painting workshop of Giovanni Bellini, one of the most prestigious artists of his time and the official painter of Venice. He gained a wealth of experience with Bellini's Titian. However, greatest influence on the study of young Titian's art had his close friend Georgiono. Titian soon gained great respect among painters, critics and art lovers, and later opened his own painting workshop with Georgion.

Titian was an excellent portraitist and also painted landscapes and religious or mythological themes. One of his famous works in the Czech Republic is Apollo and Marsyas.